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Agile | Metrics


Metrics is a subject that has a very polarizing effect. In an average Agile Development...

Agile | Leadership, Scrum

Is Your Sprint Length Arbitrary?

How long should a Sprint be? The Scrum Guide recommends one month or less but...

Agile | Flow, Kanban, Metrics

How’s Your Team’s Flow? Measure it to Master it!

Flow is the way work moves through a team. The higher the proportion of time...

Agile | Leadership

The Fearless Advantage

Use Psychological Safety to Foster Innovation and Learning

Agile | Flow, Kanban, Metrics

What is a Cumulative Flow Diagram, Really?

Measuring flow provides rich insight into the way a team works. Flow metrics can call...

Agile | Agile eXamined

Agile eXamined: The Daily Standup

In this issue of Agile eXamined, Dan Greenberg looks at the intent and objectives of...

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