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Cloud Engineering | Data, Kafka, Streaming

Apache Kafka Automation, Part 2: Kafka as a Service

Apache Kafka is a community distributed event streaming and processing platform capable of handling trillions...

Cloud Engineering | Data, Kafka, Streaming

Apache Kafka Automation, Part 3: Monitoring with Open-Source Tools

Let's talk about Kafka operations! How do we know if a Kafka broker or a...

Agile | Leadership

The Real Way to Make People Feel Appreciated

We need to create genuine appreciation by eliminating the countless barriers between customers and development...

Data Analysis | Data, Digital Strategy

Looker in the Limelight

Two major announcements hit headlines in June 2019: Salesforce acquired Tableau Software and Google acquired...

Data Visualization | Data, Digital Strategy

Four Reflections from Judging the 2019 MERL Tech Dashboards Competition

Data visualization (viz) has come a long way in our MERL Tech community. Four years...

Data Analysis | Source Control

Managing Collaborative and Reproducible Data Analysis Using Git

Data Analysis helps businesses answer and solve critical questions and problems. Data can be used...

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