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COVID-19, Data, Public Health

Exploring the Complexity of Visualizing COVID-19 Case Data

Over the last four+ months, the world has logged on daily to track case counts...

Data, Machine Learning, Streaming

ML.NET in Jupyter Notebooks

Microsoft recently reached a major milestone in the development of the open-source cross-platform library ML.NET...

Data, Kafka, Streaming

Apache Kafka Automation, Part 1: Zookeeper as a Service

Zookeeper is an orchestration service, typically associated with distributed systems (think Hadoop or Kafka). Managing...

Data, Kafka, Streaming

Apache Kafka Automation, Part 2: Kafka as a Service

Apache Kafka is a community distributed event streaming and processing platform capable of handling trillions...

Data, Kafka, Streaming

Apache Kafka Automation, Part 3: Monitoring with Open-Source Tools

Let's talk about Kafka operations! How do we know if a Kafka broker or a...

Data, Digital Strategy

Looker in the Limelight

Two major announcements hit headlines in June 2019: Salesforce acquired Tableau Software and Google acquired...

Data, Digital Strategy

Four Reflections from Judging the 2019 MERL Tech Dashboards Competition

Data visualization (viz) has come a long way in our MERL Tech community. Four years...

Data, Digital Strategy

What Word Captures a Decade in Data Visualization?

Over the past ten years working on data visualization in public health, I’ve been part...