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Welcome to Excella Labs by Excella. Excella Labs is a place for Excella’s technologists to share the new and experimental projects we're working on. Want to learn more about Excella’s service offerings or career opportunities? Visit

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Data Visualization

Enabling Data-Led Communications about Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Counting coronavirus cases and related statistics can tell us where infections are rising. But what if we could use... [Read More]


Pandemic Response: Succeeding with Agility

McKinsey recently published an article that differentiated between ‘agile’ organizations and less agile ones. They highlighted that there was... [Read More]


Gift Card Bank – A Generative Culture Success Story

“Yes, you will find many useful and necessary ideas and tools to teach the team along the way. The... [Read More]

Valuable Resources


Ask an Expert – Data Science Webinar

In this “ask me anything” webinar, Henry Jia discusses where Data Science is headed and how to break into... [Learn More]


Applying Change Management During Agile Transformation

The most common reasons that Agile transformations don’t reach their full potential are related to change management, or rather,... [Learn More]


Monte Carlo Forecast Starter

[Learn More]