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Welcome to Excella Labs by Excella. Excella Labs is a place for Excella’s technologists to share the new and experimental projects we're working on. Want to learn more about Excella’s service offerings or career opportunities? Visit

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Data Engineering at the Speed of Software Development

Excella’s Eric Schiller recently gave his presentation, “Data Engineering at the Speed of Software Development: Introducing the DataOps Manifesto,”... [Read More]


Agile and Monte Carlo: A Winning Pair

Traditional project forecasts assume we can know everything about a project before we get started. Agilists know better. With... [Read More]


Bringing Machine Learning to the .NET Community

AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning. You're constantly bombarded with articles on new breakthroughs and discoveries. All the hype around... [Read More]

Valuable Resources


Visualizing COVID-19 Tips and Traps with the Global Investigative Journalism Network

COVID-19 data is complex and messy, creating challenges for journalists who are learning the nuances of public health in... [Learn More]


Agile ATO: A New Approach to FedRAMP Documentation

In this presentation, Mike Brown illustrates how continuous delivery of documentation is possible for Federal software projects, capitalizing on... [Learn More]


Data Engineering at the Speed of Software Development

In this talk from Data Connect Summit 2020, Eric Schiller, explains how traditional methodologies for handling data projects are... [Learn More]