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Jaap Dekkinga

Jaap is a SAFe, CSM, CSPO, CSP, PMP certified IT professional with 20 years, working across the project life cycle in multiple disciplines, developer, BA, PM, SM. My focus the last 10 years is on Agile and using elements of Lean Startup, User centric design, Lean Canvas, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, S@S, Waterfall, XP.

Jaap is a certified SAFe Trainer for Leading SAFe (SA) training and SAFe for Teams (SP) training but prefers to scale agility throughout an organization using elements from different (software) delivery frameworks.

Jaap is co-author for the Manifesto for Scaling Agility (

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Agile Transformation, Collaboration, Complexity, Continuous Improvement, Digital Strategy, Leadership, Learning, Software Engineering, Strategy

Cynefin 101

Cynefin is a sensemaking framework that helps teams conceptualize different types of problems and agree...

Flow, Forecasting, Metrics, Software Engineering, WIP

Focus on Flow of Work Instead of Velocity to Track Progress

With an agile team, the flow of work is crucial. We want to move work...

Agile eXamined, Agile Transformation, Continuous Improvement, Forecasting, Software Engineering, User Stories

Agile eXamined: Alternatives to User Stories

A To-Do List is the backbone of each program/effort/project. It doesn’t matter if you use...

Continuous Improvement, Flow, Value Stream, Visualization

How to Get Started with Value Stream Mapping

Your process in use may be very different what's been documented or assumed. Value Stream...