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Agile eXamined

Agile eXamined: The Sprint Goal

Daily standups, acceptance criteria, user stories, retrospectives…am I right Agilists? In the day-to-day, it’s easy...

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Agile eXamined: Alternatives to User Stories

A To-Do List is the backbone of each program/effort/project. It doesn’t matter if you use...

Agile eXamined

Agile eXamined: The Daily Standup

In this issue of Agile eXamined, Dan Greenberg looks at the intent and objectives of...

Agile eXamined

Agile eXamined: Backlog Refinement and Spikes

Backlog refinement and spikes are both about reducing uncertainty and they often lead to the...

Agile eXamined

Agile eXamined: Cross-Functional Teams

Cross-functional teams are powerful because they can tackle complex problems quickly and efficiently. What's the...

Agile eXamined

Agile eXamined: User Stories

What is a user story? Is it the same as a business requirement? A user...