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Team Launch Handout

Helping teams get off to a great start!

Launch Your Teams!

Organizations embarking on a transformation tend to consider the impact on individuals, new roles, and training, but rarely prepare newly formed teams adequately for success. What does it take for a new team to organize, plan, and get started on their journey?

A purposeful and thoughtful team launch. You can use our guide to help you craft an effective team launch.

Recommended Steps Include:

  • Creating a skills inventory
  • Identifying the current level of Agile knowledge
  • Agreeing on team values

Values are Important

Why team values? Each team needs to determine which values are most important to them as a group, what they mean, and how they will be applied to team processes and delivery practices. Shared values will enable team cohesion, trust, and psychological safety.

Ideally, team values will align with organizational values and reflect the 12 Agile Principles and 5 Lean Principles. Adhering to Agile and Lean Principles will help the team progress from “doing” Agile to “being” Agile.

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