xluhco is a custom link shortener that lives at xluh.co (Excella co; get it?). It can be adapted to any domain.

Created by Excellian Sean Killeen with contributions from Luis Gonzalez, xluhco is an open-source web application that serves as a link shortening / redirection service.

Sean created the tool to reduce cognitive overhead when thinking about and communicating private or public links. Rather than a longer link to show someone our team, he wanted to direct someone to https://xluh.co/team. Rather than a long internal SharePoint URL for our wi-fi instructions, he wanted to type https://xluh.co/wifi.

When he couldn't find existing tools that did this quickly, easily, and cost-effectively, the idea for xluhco was born.


Redirect shortened links: The tool redirects short links (e.g. `/mylink`) to the defined longer link.

Integrate Google Analytics to understand link traffic: A google analytics code can be provided in the configuration settings of the application. When provided, it will surface all of the URLs that users are hitting for redirects.

Adaptable to Your Domain: A full guide to adapting the tool can be found at https://xluh.co/makeitmine.

Searchable List of Links: By navigating to https://xluh.co/list, users can view the full list of links, filter them, and easily copy/paste as needed.

Protect list of links via integrated Azure AD security: In situations where the list of links should be private for web users, the application can be registered in Azure Active Directory and protected via a login.

No database required: The data for links is stored in a CSV file inside of the repository. Making changes to the links can be done from within the GitHub UI by editing the file.

Fast Response Times: Caching is employed throughout the application to ensure that redirects are fast and the experience is seamless, while still ensuring analytics will be captured.

Social Media Cards: Links can define images and captions for social media previews, etc.


We welcome your issues, questions, ideas, and contributions on GitHub. We'd love for you to check out, star, or fork the project at:


The contribution guide can be found at https://xluh.co/contribute