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Angular Evergreen

VS Code extension to help developers to keep their Angular projects up to date with ease.

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Created by Excellian Doguhan Uluca with contributions from Excellians Brendon Caulkins, Alex Hoffman, and Brendan Sawyer and community contributions from Kenton Bocock and Aristeidis Bampakos, Angular Evergreen is an open-source Visual Studio Code extension that is available on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Doguhan and the team created the tool because it is critically important to keep JavaScript projects up-to-date to ensure security, compatibility, and the best possible performance for web applications.

Keeping Angular Evergreen

The Angular team releases new versions of Angular frequently. These updates can take the form of major, minor, or patch releases. Patch releases fix security issues or bugs, minor releases add new features, and major releases can change how Angular works. With each minor release, the Angular team aims to nudge you towards the next major release, making it easier to upgrade to the next major version. Major versions are released every six months.

The tool notifies Angular developers of Angular releases as soon as they’re released while providing useful resources right in their IDE.

Get it Today

Install the extension directly within your IDE by following the link below:


Angular Evergreen makes it easier to configure, update, and test your Angular CLI projects.

  • Configure your Angular project for VS Code settings
  • Keep Angular Evergreen 
    • See the latest and next versions of Angular in your IDE
    • Run ng update to see which packages need to be updated
  • Run Post-Update Checkup
    • With one-click, run your unit tests, and build your Angular project in prod mode to ensure that your update went smoothly


We welcome your issues, questions, ideas, and contributions on GitHub. We’d love for you to check out, star, or fork the project at:

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