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Andon Cords within Development Teams

By Joshua Cohen

Josh and Zack are excited to take their story of Andon Cords in development teams to the DevOps Enterprise Summit in Las Vegas!

In their session, you’ll learn about one team’s struggle to improve collaboration and how they sought to shorten cycle time by carefully crafting an experiment with an Andon Cord. The Andon Cord is a Toyota innovation designed to empower front-line employees to recognize issues, initiate a stoppage of work, and work together as a team to quickly identify a path forward. The emergency cable strung above assembly lines became a symbol of the Toyota Way, and has widely been copied throughout the auto industry and beyond.

You’ll hear more about their experience and be exposed to some surprising metrics that show a correlation between Andon Cord pulls (representative of the team’s level of collaboration) and Cycle Time!

Zack Ayers is a Scrum Master and an Excella Alumni. 

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