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Agile | Agile eXamined

Agile eXamined: User Stories

What is a user story? Is it the same as a business requirement? A user...

Data Visualization | Data, Digital Strategy

What Word Captures a Decade in Data Visualization?

Over the past ten years working on data visualization in public health, I’ve been part...

Data Analysis | Digital Strategy

Understanding What your Data is Saying

Data is everywhere in today’s world. There’s more and more of it available and to...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Explainable AI, XAI

Machine Learning Explainability (XAI): Part One

Understanding how a model works is crucial step toward establishing users' trust in its predictions.

Agile | Forecasting, Metrics

Evening the Odds with Monte Carlo Forecasts

People forecast for many reasons - for budgeting, planning future projects, sharing team members with...

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