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Data Visualization | COVID-19, Data, Public Health

Exploring the Complexity of Visualizing COVID-19 Case Data

Over the last four+ months, the world has logged on daily to track case counts...

Data Visualization | Data Analysis

Visualizing Community Advocacy Impact

Data is a critical tool for advocacy, but can be cumbersome for small organizations to...

DataOps | Collaboration, Manifesto, Software Engineering

Data Engineering at the Speed of Software Development

Excella’s Eric Schiller recently gave his presentation, “Data Engineering at the Speed of Software Development:...

Agile | Forecasting

Agile and Monte Carlo: A Winning Pair

Traditional project forecasts assume we can know everything about a project before we get started....

.NET | Machine Learning

Bringing Machine Learning to the .NET Community

AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning. You're constantly bombarded with articles on new breakthroughs and discoveries....

.NET | Machine Learning

Building a Fraud Detection Classifier in ML.NET

In my previous blog post, I introduced ML.NET, the open-source, cross-platform library for Machine Learning in...

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