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Agile | Leadership, Learning

Retrospective Techniques for Exploring Fresh Perspectives

The universe of retrospective facilitation techniques grows ever larger. If you’re looking for a new...

.NET | Data, Machine Learning, Streaming

ML.NET in Jupyter Notebooks

Microsoft recently reached a major milestone in the development of the open-source cross-platform library ML.NET...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Machine Learning

Why Automated Machine Learning is Here to Stay

Getting good at Machine Learning requires hours and hours of study, and for many, the...

Agile | Continuous Improvement, Flow, Value Stream, Visualization

How to Get Started with Value Stream Mapping

Your process in use may be very different what's been documented or assumed. Value Stream...

Cloud Engineering | Data, Kafka, Streaming

Apache Kafka Automation, Part 1: Zookeeper as a Service

Zookeeper is an orchestration service, typically associated with distributed systems (think Hadoop or Kafka). Managing...

Cloud Engineering | Data, Kafka, Streaming

Apache Kafka Automation, Part 2: Kafka as a Service

Apache Kafka is a community distributed event streaming and processing platform capable of handling trillions...

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