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Amanda Makulec

Amanda Makulec, MPH is the Data Visualization Lead at Excella. While she loves working with various tools to sketch, prototype, and build data visualizations, she's even more passionate about helping others learn how to visualize data effectively through leading trainings and coaching colleagues and clients.

Before joining Excella, Amanda worked in global health for eight years, where she focused on using data visualization as a practical way to promote the use of data for decision making. She worked across levels of the health system, from national health information systems to coaching community organizations on ways to use data visualization as part of their advocacy activities.

Learning from her work in public health and in the tech sector, Amanda writes and speaks about visualizing data responsibly, always being mindful of the people represented in data and the ways visualizations can easily be used to misinform and mislead (intentionally or not). She is a published author on Fast Company, Nightingale, and numerous other publications.

Outside of her work at Excella, Amanda is a founding board member and Operations Director for the global Data Visualization Society and co-organizes the local Data Viz DC meetup.

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