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Agile eXamined: The Daily Standup

In this issue of Agile eXamined, Dan Greenberg looks at the intent and objectives of the Daily Standup.

By Dan Greenberg

May 28, 2020

What is a daily stand up?

A daily stand up is a way for a team to come together each day, self-organize, and determine the best way to spend the next 24 hours in pursuit of their current objective. The daily stand up is a high-fidelity coordination, collaboration, and communication ceremony for the team; it is not a status reporting mechanism.

The ceremony is called a “stand up,” because teams will often stand to keep the meeting short.

What is the purpose of the daily stand up?

The purpose of the daily stand up is three-fold:

Do we need to have a daily stand up to be an Agile team?

No. Regular daily meetings are often held by Agile teams, but the stand up is a specific implementation of the values and principles in the Agile Manifesto. It is not in those values and principles themselves.

A daily check-in can be a useful tool but there are other ways to meet the intent. For alternatives to a daily stand up, try the following:

Considering incorporating a daily stand up into your team’s routine? As with any practice, the best approach is to try it for a few weeks, keep it if it works, and discard it if it doesn’t. Experiment and see what works for you. Hope this has been helpful!

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