At Excella, we're always experimenting with new technologies and continuously growing our expertise, so we can deliver the best solutions for our clients. Here are some of the things we've been working on that demonstrate our skill in various technologies.

How Do I Master Angular?

The ExcellaLabs team had the pleasure of sitting down with JavaScript Technical Fellow Doguhan Uluca to discuss his recent book, Angular 6 for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications. During our conversation with Doughan, we uncover what motivated Doguhan to write the book, what you will discover applying the book to your work, what the publishing process was like...

The Manifesto for Scaling Agility

The Manifesto for Scaling Agility is a guide to Agile at scale that reflects the collective experience of Agile practitioners at Excella and across the Agile community. Modeled on the original Agile Manifesto, the Manifesto for Scaling Agility highlights diverse expertise in a variety of industries, not just software. Effective scaling is a challenge we all face.


Building on their community experience, Excella created FindMySpot, an application designed to simplify and streamline shelter searches in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Truck Safety Coalition

The Truck Safety Coalition (TSC) has a network of volunteers dedicated to providing support to survivors and families of victims of truck crashes and advocates for policy changes to prevent future deaths. Excella collaborated with TSC to compile 5 yrs of data and create a tool TSC could use to leverage their data for advocacy.

Real Time AI and Data Streaming on Azure

Analyze Twitter or IoT feeds in real-time as data streams and report on trends